Aylin Shef


Aylin Shef

No two types of skin can be found that match each other, neither its condition nor the way it reacts. As a dermatologist, I meet new patients every day. Each one presents me a different medical challenge to diagnose and create an effective treatment plan. The constant occurrence of new medical problems helps me to keep my mind fully committed and my skills extremely accurate and professional.

When we started working on this site with my team, I was convinced that it was not proper to reveal personal information about me. I was sure that only my qualities as a doctor and my expertise in Dermatology were important to the patient. After a few business meetings, however, I realized that a person’s individual story could be as useful and inspiring as to help somebody find his or her way and give them the courage to make their dreams come true.

My path to dermatology and aesthetics started from an early age. I always looked very closely at the skin of people and admired women with beautiful and healthy skin. I asked them what they were wearing and how they took care for their appearance in a sincere childish way. When I entered puberty, my eye had become a scanner. I saw someone with problematic skin and I immediately studied every line and contour, pigmentation of the skin and any unevenness. I imagined how I would cure him, and that brought me the ultimate internal satisfaction.

Becoming a dermatologist was my dream. Very early I realized that the beauty of a person begins with the skin. I dreamed someday to make people feel beautiful, capable and confident.


My passion
for dermatology and aesthetics

And so the decision what to study and what I will do has never been discussed.

Professional Resume

Dr. Aylin Shef, MD is a specialist in Skin and Venereal Diseases. She graduated from Medical University in Sofia in 2007, as the First among the graduates, with the “Golden Hippocrates” Prize. In 2017, she defended her doctoral degree at the Medical Faculty of Complutense University, Madrid (Spain), with a dissertation devoted to the application of laser and light systems in dermatology. She has a Master’s degree in Health Management. Dr. Shef was a co-founder and head of the laser dermatology sector at the Department of Dermatology and Venereology at the Military Medical Academy – Sofia.

Dr. Aylin Shef, MD has specialized in prestigious university clinics and centres in Spain, Austria, France, Great Britain and Bulgaria. Specially certified for lasers and light systems for aesthetic purposes as well as for carrying out the specific and highly informative examination of suspected skin formations called dermatoscopy.

Dr. Aylin Shef, MD, is author and co-author of more than 40 scientific publications in Bulgarian and international specialized scientific journals and collections, has numerous participations in national and international congresses and trainings as lecturer and demonstrator. 

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