Contagious mollusca / Molluscum Contagiosum /

Image of a belly with molusk

Contagious Mullusca are caused by a virus called Molluscum contagiosum virus. They are small pink-coloured pimples raised above the skin level with a sunken centre. The most common affected areas are the face, neck, upper limbs and thighs.

How do we get infected by Molluscum contagiosum?

This infection occurs either upon direct contact with an infected person or by infected objects (common towels, bed linen) or surfaces (baths, swimming pools).
Most often children are affected, especially those with dry or eczema-affected skin. In recent years, the incidence of young people with Mollusca on and around the genitals has increased. This is why this infection is classified in the group of sexually transmitted infections.

How to treat infectious Mulluscum contagiosum?

The following methods are used to treat contagious mollusca:
• Application of medicinal creams and lotions, leading to their destruction
• Surgical method – by removing them from the surface of the skin with a surgical instrument called curette
• Cryotherapy – the affected area is treated for 10-15 seconds with liquid nitrogen
• Electrocoagulation