Infantile hemangiomas

Image of a baby suffering from hemangioma

Hemangioma is a common type of birth defect of vascular origin. In most cases, hemangiomas are not painful and dangerous, and the reason for their occurrence is unknown. They consist of clusters of small blood vessels that occur as early as at birth or develop within a few weeks thereafter. They can develop in all parts of the body but most often occur on the face, scalp, back or chest.

What is the difference between red birthmarks and hemangiomas?

Unlike red birthmarks, infantile hemangiomas in 75% of the cases undergo reverse development until the 7th year, while the rest until 12th, with no health consequences for the child.

How to treat infantile hemangiomas?

Most hemangiomas do not cause complications, do not endanger the health of the child, and usually do not require special treatment.
If the hemangioma does not grow rapidly and is not on a risk related location, the dermatologist can only apply topical treatment to limit future cosmetic defects. For most haemangiomas, the approach is mainly related to monitoring the rate of their development.
In cases of rapid growth, risk of bleeding, ulceration, aesthetic deformities, your dermatologist may offer active oral medication treatment as well as the initiation of laser treatments.